24 de agosto de 2014

5 Book Challenge - Post-Apocalyptic Edition

And this is the last challenge for the Bout of Books 11! This challenge is hosted by Falling Down the Book Hole and we are supposed to nominate 5 books to take with us when the end of the world is coming. Here is the scenario:

It is 11:00 PM on a Sunday night. You are laying in bed thinking about all of the things you must do the next day. Tasks of the coming days consume your thoughts and while your mind is somewhere else you are caught off guard by a flash in the sky that is followed by a large wailing screech that pierces the air and shatters your bedroom window. Slowly you move to the window and what you see catches your breathe and causes you to stumble back a few steps. The aliens (at least you think they are aliens) have began to enter the city and destroy everything that is in their path. Through the window your view is consumed with destruction, screaming people and large flames that are dancing across the city at a fast pace. You notice that the creatures are heading in your direction and you realize you probably have about fifteen minutes before they reach your home. That means you have only about ten minutes to gather your belongings and escape before you are caught in the attack from the aliens invading the city.

Given the short amount of time you are only able to take 5 books with you. What books would you pick to take with you as you escape and prepare for the end of the world. Would you choose books that would help you survive in the post-apocalyptic world ,books for pleasure that would make you happy and take you to a fantasy reality or books that you can’t live without?

So here are my choices:

Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontë - My favourite book of all time. I had to take this one with me to remember the story and struggles of Jane, to remember Thornfield Hall and her romance with Mr. Rochester. I absolutely love this book!

The Lord of the Rings, J. R. R. Tolkien - I am not cheating on this one because it would be the edition that contains all three books ok? So, of course I had to take this one with me because of all the characters and their amazing journey and adventures. Besides, I think that the landscapes would be a reminder of how beautiful the Earth can be, in case the aliens destroyed all the mountains and forests and the seas...

The Name of the Rose, Umberto Eco - I would have to have the Middle Ages with me, so I would choose this book because it was the first time that I really marveled at the medieval world. I love this book so much!

Outlander, Diana Gabaldon - I liked this book, though it is not one of my favourites. But I think would need to read some sexy scenes, and have a certain sexy Scottish man in kilt *cof* Jamie! *cof* and the scenery of the Scottish Highlands.

The Count of Monte Cristo, Alexandre Dumas - I had to take Edmond Dantès as his amazing story of survival and revenge with me. And that Carnival scene in Venice, of course.

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Captivated Reader disse...

I love the Outlander series!! Good choice!!

Diana Marques disse...

I had to take Scotland and Jamie Fraser with me! Hehehe