19 de agosto de 2014

Bout of Books - Day 1


Time devoted to reading - 4 hours and 45 minutes
Pages read today - 143 of Os Reinos do Caos, by George R. R. Martin (that's the portuguese edition of the second half of A Dance with Dragons)
Total pages so far - 143
Books finished - none


Today there were too challenges: the Book Scavenger Hunt @ The Book Monsters; and Playlist @ Lulo FanGirl. But since I wasn't in the mood I didn't participate.


Overall it was a good day of reading. I read more than what I am used to, and I am really pushing myself on this one, since I want to read this books as fast as I can. Because sometimes it just drags on, and on, so I think that this read-a-thon is a good incentive to get my reading done, instead of dragging it for two weeks, as usual.
And since I showed what I'm reading for this read-a-thon on my personal twitter acount, I will leave that photo here too!

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