Bout of Books 12 - Progress

This time I decided to set no goals for the Bout of Books read-a-thon. I just intend to read as much as I can, since my last three months were a bit crazy. So I just want to read and to get back on track on my reading rythm.

This post will also serve to update my progress. I know that I usually post my progress everyday, but this time I decided to leave it all to one post, and this is it.

My Progress

Monday (Day 1)

Time devoted to reading: 1h45min
Pages read today: 38 pages of Stoner by John Williams
Total pages so far: 38 pages
Books finished: 0
Notes: Monday was not a bad day, overall. But it could have been better if I didn't waste so much time on the internet doing... nothing. I also watched the final episode of Downton Abbey, so it also took a bit of reading time.

Tuesday (Day 2)

Time devoted to reading: 2 hours
Pages read today: 64 pages of Stoner by John Williams
Total pages so far: 102 pages
Books finished: 0
Notes: I spent most of my day reading, really, but out of obligation for my PhD. But I also read faster because I'm finding Stoner even more interesting as the pages go by. Still, I want to dedicate more of my time to reading it.

Wednesday (Day 3)

Time devoted to reading: 1h30min
Pages read today: 40 pages of Stoner, by John Williams
Total pages so far: 142 pages
Books finished: 0
Notes: The fact is that I dedicated the majority of my day reading for my thesis and since I wanted to be done with one book in particular I only read Stoner at night, after dinner. The book is really good!

Thursday (Day 4)

Time devoted to reading: 2 hours
Pages read today: 63 pages of Stoner, by John Williams, which I have finished.
Total pages so far: 205
Books finished: One
Notes: I have finally finished Stoner and what a book! I loved it. I am glad that I was able to finish one book even before the week ends. It just proves that one can always find the space and time to read, if one really wants to, no matter what is going on in one's life. I have struggled to find that time and space among my other readings for my thesis, to conciliate everything, but it seems I am back on track.

Friday (Day 5)

Time devoted to reading: 0 hours
Pages read today: none
Total pages so far: 205
Books finished: One
Notes: Although I spent my day reading, I didn't read any fiction. I think I am still mourning Stoner, so nothing felt right for the moment. But I already picked a new book and I will try to start reading it this saturday.

Saturday (Day 6)

Time devoted to reading: 30 minutes
Pages read today: 17 pages of The Remains of the Day, by Kazuo Ishiguro
Total pages so far: 222 pages
Books finished: One book
Notes: Truth is I spend all week reading so I wanted to enjoy a little bit of non-reading things. So I watched a movie, kept track of feeds from other blogs, wrote a little bit to organize my thoughts for my thesis and only read a little bit at night, right before I went to bed.

Sunday (Day 7)

Time devoted to reading: 3 hours
Pages read today: 66 of The Remains of the Day, by Kazuo Ishiguro
Total pages so far: 288 pages
Books finished: One
Notes: The final day of the read-a-thon! I managed to read for 3 hours, but I didn't read much because the book I am reading is a bit boring, the plot has a really slow pace so I struggled a little bit with the reading. And even though I am pratically half way through the book, I don't know if I will finish it. We'll see...


And it's over! I have survived one more Bout-of-Books and I managed to read more than I have been used to for the last months. I enjoyed it, I managed to finish one book and start another one and it helped me to establish a more defined reading routine.
Now, let's see how I did in this Bout of Books 12:

Total time devoted to reading: this week I read a total of 10hours and 45minutes. It might not seem much but to me, considering my life right now, it's not bad!
Total pages read: 288 pages
Total books finished: I finished one book and I managed to start another one. I read Stoner, by John Williams that will surely be on my favourites-of-the-year-list, and I read half of The Remains of the Day, by Kazuo Ishiguro.

Overall I think it was a good week and even though I dind't read as much as in the other Bout of Books it helped me to get back on track and to create a reading routine for me.


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